C. G. P. Grey Posts An Informative Love Letter To reddit

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How do you answer the "what exactly IS reddit?" question? Is it simply a link aggregation site that features an active audience, or is it a window to many of the wonders offered by the Internet and the world in general? The simple answer is yes, reddit is all of that and a lot more; although, not all of it has been above the board. It's hard to deny it's position in the grand scheme of the things when discussing Internet supremacy. All of those cute, funny images your friends are "liking" into popularity on Facebook?

Chances are, they were found on reddit.

Which brings us to C. G. P. Grey's informative, if not mash note-worthy, YouTube video explaining what reddit is and how you use it. While it's clear Grey is fond of reddit, his video--which is done in the style his fans (almost 900,000 subscribers) expect--offers a great deal of information about how the site works, including the subreddits and the ever-enjoyable comment sections. If you've been wanting to get on reddit but it's a little confusing and/or intidmating, Grey's video is here to help:

Are you in the "reddit is awesome" clan or does the text-based interface, combined with a sometimes volatile audience (looking at you, /r/gaming) make it miss your daily website rotation? While individual user mileage may vary, from my perspective, a personalized reddit is an enjoyable reddit. That's what the subreddits are there for, allowing users to tailor their experience based on their interests.

[Lead image via Reddit]