The Need For Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now pay later has become an important financial for many in their unplanned expenses. Learn more in the article below....
The Need For Buy Now Pay Later
Written by Brian Wallace
  • A recent 2022 study revealed that Americans prefer delayed payments for dental and veterinary visits and supplementary charges, a preference driven by payment concerns of many types. Concerned about the costs of healthcare expenses, 3 out of 4 Americans, between the ages of 43 and 57, cite this as a driving force and comprise the highest proportion of any other age group. 2 in 3 U.S. adults acquainted with buy now pay later systems. They count on it as a substitute for traditional cash, credit, and debit payment methods, the switch to delays draws them.

    The Case for BNPL

    BNPL answers concerns about payment due dates, upfront costs, and sacrificing expenditures unexpectedly. These systems also afford consumers flexibility. It appeals to budgeters, which allows them to allocate and reserve expenses for big buys over time. 69% of consumers abide by a budget according to plan, with 78% of pet owners following strict ones. 77% of pet parents are aware of buy now pay later payment methods and 56% have tried it for themselves with success. By integrating expenses into long-term spending habits, instead of forfeiting large sums out of pocket, buy now pay later caters to consumers by allowing them to pay at the convenience of their calendar.

    Buy now pay later methods offer other lesser-known, but perhaps more exciting perks. Ones that are much appreciated by parents of furry friends. 43% express gratitude for the temporal flexibility delayed pay offers. Not only in providing a larger window for payment but even in extending the set end date as needed. 30% are attracted to these systems for their capacity to steer clear of credit card fees and prices paid due to interest, keeping those unforeseen charges afar. 22% of pet owners commend buy now pay later’s fixed and unwavering or tiered rates. These give everyone the same fair grounds and expectations for payment, without being blindsided by fine print policies.

    What Buy Now Pay Later is Used to Pay

    Both veterinarian and dental expenses need time to be paid in full. 38% of American pet owners pay for vet visits with a credit card. For only 18% of them, pet insurance covers the costs of vet fees in full. In dentistry, 40% of U.S. adults take one month, at minimum, to pay the full cost of a dentist visit. Both pet and people patients need more effective tools to help them cover healthcare expenses on their own time.

    Interestingly, American East Coast residents express a higher preference for the implementation of buy now pay later. 55% report being very interested and more likely to use buy now pay later as opposed to 42% of West Coast dentist patients and pet parents who share the same sentiment.

    In Conclusion

    The results of a decisive study that gauged American adults’ holistic preference point to buying now and paying later over the ways we’ve always paid. 71% of U.S. dentistry patients cite a preference for BNPL. A whopping 86% of pet owners preferring this way of covering veterinarian costs. It’s time that healthcare professionals, practices, and institutions cater to the people’s preferred way to pay by offering more time. Also, they should offer convenience, as patients pay when the time is right.

    Buy Now, Pay Later

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