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In an effort to promote their mobile offerings, Best Buy is launching a deal surrounding the imminent release of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Best Buy will be giving away an HTC smartphone to anyone who purchases the game, given that you do the whole contract thing. So if contracts aren't your thing, this isn't the deal for you. But if you were planning on signing up for a 2-year plan anyways, and love shooting people in the face with sniper rifles - this is your lucky day.

Participants will have three smartphone options: The EVO 4G for Sprint, the Incredible 2 for Verizon or the Inspire 4G for AT&T. The deal also includes a free case as well as a bonus MW3 package that lets players tack on more experience points at the outset for stuff like weapons upgrades.

In recent years, you probably noticed all the mobile sections popping up inside your local Best Buys. That's because the company has been trying for years to set itself up as the go-to place for mobile. This holiday season, they are planning a huge campaign through TV, social media, and print ads to hammer home Best Buy Mobile.

A $25 million ad campaign, according to CNET.

"We want to get customers to realize there is a better way, and that better way is Best Buy," said Allister Jones, head of marketing for Best Buy Mobile.

You can expect more promotions like this MW3/HTC one in the upcoming weeks.

Modern Warfare 3 hits the shelves on November 8th.

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