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Amazon Now Playing Podcasts
Amazon has entered the super hot podcasting arena, adding podcasts to their Amazon Music platform. All podcasts will be able to be accessed via Alexa,...
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Taboola – Outbrain Merger Falls Apart
The world's two leading companies in the discovery & native advertising industry will remain fierce competitors in what still is a chaotic and unpredi...
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We Are Never Going To See A Return To The Old New York
Entrepreneur James Altucher says that New York City is dead forever. He says the forced business closures have permanently altered how business is don...
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Airbnb CEO: Every Crisis Should Lead To A New Point Of Innovation
We said every single opportunity is a moment where we have to pivot and move fast says Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Not only are we going to get through t...
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OpenTable CEO: One In Four Restaurants Closing Is Conservative
We expect around one in four restaurants to close and to not be able to return because of COVID says OpenTable CEO Debby Soo. Unfortunately, now we th...
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It’s Crazy To Rely On Amazon To Sell Your Product
Everybody who sells something through a third party needs to figure out their ecommerce strategy, says VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk. The thought to...
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Robert Irvine: New App Makes It Possible For Restaurants To Reopen Safely
When you say you've done something, say you’re cleaning the refrigerator, and you're actually outside smoking a cigarette, I know because of geotagg...
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Apple CEO: Mac Transitioning To Our Own Apple Silicon
Today is the day that we are announcing that the Mac is transitioning to our own Apple Silicon. When we make bold changes it's for one simple yet powe...
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If People Can Ride the Subway We Can Open Factories, Says Jason Calacanis
"If people can ride the subway and if people can go to Trader Joe's and pack into all these different places we can start to open factories," says leg...
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You’ve Got To Bail Everyone Out, Says Barry Diller
You've got to bail everyone out says Expedia and IAC Chairman Barry Diller. The damage that is being done every day is enormous. Everybody needs to be...
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Mark Cuban: Some Banks Actively Not Taking PPP Loan Applications
There are some banks who are actively trying not to take applications and to minimize the number of loans they make through the program says investor ...
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Grubhub Rolls Out $30 Million Stimulus To Restaurants
%%excerpt%% A $250 payment per restaurant (from Grubhub) doesn't sound like a lot but it's going to be a huge difference, says Grubhub CEO Matt Malone...
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Slack CEO: We’ve Seen an Enormous Surge
In the first 60th percent of this quarter added 9,000 new paid customers, says Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. That's a net number. This is compared to...
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Waves of Job Losses For 2.2 Million Startup Employees, Says VC Group
According to a report on CNBC, startups may not get government money from the coronavirus relief bill if they have already taken venture capital or pr...
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There’s Been a Lot of Advances In Machine Learning, Says Etsy CEO
“There's been a lot of advances in machine learning that take things that would have been literally impossible ten years ago and made those things m...
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Amazon VP Says 58% of Sales Come From Small Businesses
Over 50% of everything that gets sold on Amazon actually comes from small and medium-sized businesses. Their success is our success so we're definitel...
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Brazil Fines Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Bloomberg is reporting that Brazil has levied a $1.6 million fine on Facebook for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The fine is the result ...
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IRS Makes It Easier For Taxpayers To Find Free Options
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced an agreement with Free File, Inc. (FFI) designed to make tax season a little easier. Taxpayers earnin...
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View Velocity Is The Secret To Ranking On YouTube
“To determine rankings on their platform, YouTube uses a metric called the View Velocity,” says HubSpot SEO expert Braden Becker. “The View Velo...
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We Enable Small Sellers To Compete With the Big Guys, Says Etsy CEO
We allow small sellers to be able to compete head-to-head with the big guys, says Etsy CEO Josh Silverman. We do that by giving them a super simple an...
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