Facebook Could Make Half of Positions Permanently Remote

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that up to half of the company’s positions could permanently shift to remote work.

Salesforce Will Allow Employees to Work From Home the Rest of the Year

Salesforce has become the latest company to extend its work from home (WFH) policy, allowing employees to do so through the rest of the year.

Twitter Employees Will Be Able to Work From Home Forever

Twitter employees working from home will be able to do so forever, as the company has no plans to require them to come back to the office.

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Germany May Make Working From Home a Legal Right

German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil plans to put forth legislation that will make working from home a legal right, long after the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft Teams
DOD Temporarily Adopts Microsoft Teams For Remote Work

The Deparment of Defense (DOD) has announced it is adopting Microsoft Teams to temporarily help it cope with the increase in remote workers.

Will COVID-19 Break The Internet?

Already last week there were outages across Europe and the U.S. due to the record-high internet traffic. Usage of the internet now is comparable to peak times like during the Olympics.

Surviving The Sharp Pivot To Remote Work

More people are working from home these days, and why not? Better schedule, working environment, and commute…

Microsoft Teams
Coronavirus: Microsoft Teams Struggling to Keep Up With Telecommuters

Amid an unprecedented number of individuals working from home, users are reporting that Microsoft Teams is struggling under the load.

Fiber Internet - Image by Daniel Dino-Slofer
Coronavirus: U.S. Internet Can Handle Increased Work-From-Home Load

Experts are saying the U.S. internet should be able to handle the increased stress of millions of Americans working from home as a result of the coronavirus.

Slack Helping Companies With Historic (Coronavirus) Shift To Remote Work
Slack Helping Companies With Historic (Coronavirus) Shift To Remote Work

There are a lot of people who are moving to a remote work or work-from-home situation for the first time. A lot of executives who are struggling to figure out how to manage and maintain operational performance in this kind of environment.