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Customers Rapidly Deserting Malls for Ecommerce, Says Former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO
Nordstrom is the class act of the department store segment and doing everything right says Former Toys 'R' Us CEO, Gerald Storch. Unfortunately, that ...
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Cisco CEO: Last Year We Blocked 7 Trillion Cybersecurity Threats
The CEO of Cisco says that last year they blocked seven trillion cybersecurity threats or about 20 billion per day. He says that by and large cybersec...
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Glossier CEO: We’re Building this People-Powered Ecosystem
Glossier is both a beauty company and a tech company that is succeeding by staying incredibly connected to their customers. Glossier founder and CEO E...
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Kroger CEO: How We Compete for Software Engineers with Facebook
Kroger and all retailers are fast becoming tech companies and thus have the difficult task of competing with companies like Facebook for top tech tale...
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Vehicles of the Future – So Intelligent They Could Drive Themselves, Says Ford CEO
This is the year that many of the technological innovations that Ford has been working on will start to come out. Ford CEO Jim Hackett says that the v...
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Will Be Built on 5G, Says Verizon CEO
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg says that 5G is much more than just your typical mobile network speed improvement. 5G is a transformative technology that wi...
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Founder Ron Shaich Tells the Inside Story of Panera’s Amazing Success
Making the decision to in 1998 to sell the main divisions of Au Bon Pain and focus all resources on the company’s lowly Panera brand became the most...
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AT&T CEO Slaps Down 5G Criticism by Verizon and T-Mobile
AT&T CEO John Donovan slapped down recent 5G criticism by Verizon and T-Mobile at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Those companies and some...
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Zoom CEO: If We Cannot Make the Customer Happy, Nothing Will Matter
Zoom Founder and CEO Eric Yuan says that the number one most important thing for a business is to make the customer happy. He says it really comes dow...
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Indigo Focused on Using Technology to Improve Farming
Indigo CEO David Perry has been very successful in raising money and running startups, but he is now facing a new kind of challenge; persuading farmer...
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Brands That Adjust to the New Economy Are Going to be More Successful
Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder says that brands that adjust to the new economy are going to be more successful. He says that Walmart and Targe...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook Sees Services Growth as Their Future
One silver lining in Tim Cook’s letter is his announcements about the growth of Apple Services worldwide. Cook says that Services generated over $10...
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Hillary Yip: 13-Year-Old Tech CEO Phenom
Hillary Yip is a 13-year-old founder and CEO phenom that impresses everyone who has heard her speak. Her iOS app, MinorMynas, already has over 40,000 ...
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BrainQ Developed Unique AI-Powered Brain-Computer Medical Device, Says CEO
BrainQ takes patients' brainwaves as an input with a set of metadata and runs machine learning algorithms in the cloud and translate them into a tailo...
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Lands’ End CEO: If You Are Not on Amazon You Are Not Relevant
“For us, our partnership with Amazon was all about new customer acquisition,” says Lands' End CEO Jerome Griffith. “If you look at searches onli...
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Walmart Planning Delivery Right Into Your Fridge
Walmart is looking at delivering groceries right into your fridge says Walmart Ecommerce President and CEO Mark Lore. And the step after that Lore say...
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Motorola Solutions CEO: We Want a Level Playing Field in China Where IP is Not Stolen
Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown explains how China went from a great business opportunity in the mid-1980s to an intellectual property stealing conc...
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Former Ford CEO: Elon has Really Pushed the Industry to Embrace Electrification
“Elon Musk has really pushed the industry to embrace electrification,” says former Ford CEO Mark Fields. “The challenge here is how do you make ...
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Former Macy’s CEO: This Country is Way Over-Stored Because of the Shift to Online
Consumers have now shifted up to 11 percent of their shopping online and this means that the US needs to get rid of 11 percent of their physical store...
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Walmart CEO: Company is Becoming More Digital
The CEO of Walmart Doug McMillion says that the company has a lot of work going on to change the company. He says that the company is becoming more di...
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