Burglar Smashes $100K Apple Store Glass Door, Makes Off with $64K of Loot

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Another Apple Store finds itself the victim of a smash and grab - this time in Boulder, Colorado.

According to ABC7 in Denver, a yet-to-be-identified assailant used a few rocks to smash through the glass door of the Apple Store before making off with $64,000 worth of stolen goods.

This included Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and more. Investigators expect to see the devices hit the internet for fast resale.

But the stolen goods weren't the biggest hit that the Apple Store took - at least not financially.

According to reports, the custom-made glass door at the front end of the Apple Store was worth nearly $100,000. Yikes.

Apple Stores make tempting targets for burglars - and I guess that trademark glass store front just looks like it's in need of smashing. This Boulder burglary isn't even close to taking home the prize for dumbest Apple Store robbery. That prize still goes to that guy last who who smashed through the store front in his BMW, left his license plate behind, and was arrested as he attempted to retrieve it.

Josh Wolford
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