Burger King Sex Case: Restaurant Pays Up

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After her reports of sexual harassment went ignored, a 17-year old Burger King employee decided to file a lawsuit against the company. According to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, Kaizen Restaurants--the company that owns several Burger King franchises--is now having to pay up $150,000 for their inaction.

“What I had to face at work every day was humiliating and wrong,” said the employee. “I just wanted to come to work and do a good job, but I wasn’t allowed to. I’m glad to be able to put this all behind me now.”

The girl says a supervisor followed her around, asked her extremely personal questions about her virginity, and made requests for her to have sex with him and other employees.

“Kaizen has taken the allegations in this lawsuit seriously and has agreed to provide monetary and injunctive relief. It is our hope that this settlement will make Burger King a safer place to work at this particular location, as well as at Kaizen’s other locations," said Michael Baldonado, an EOEC director.

Burger King has had no comment on the case.

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