Bungie's Destiny Gets A New CG Trailer, Still No Gameplay


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At the February PS4 conference, Bungie announced that Destiny would be coming to the PS4 and PS3. Now the developer has announced that it will be bringing the game to Sony's E3 press conference with a new trailer.

The trailer doesn't really tell us much about the game, but it does have that cinematic flair that made Halo such a groundbreaking game when it launched on the original Xbox. If the actual game can pull this off, Destiny may just be a keeper.

We still don't have any gameplay, but Bungie announced in the above trailer that that the gameplay will finally be shown off at Sony's E3 press conference on June 10. It's a pretty big win for Sony when you consider that Bungie was owned by Microsoft just a few years ago.

Beyond the Sony presser, expect a lot more Destiny news at E3. Besides Call of Duty Ghosts, this is Activision's other big game for 2013. There's a lot of expectation riding on it so Bungie has to get it right, and I have no reason to doubt them yet.