Bug Hunt Is The First Planned DLC For Aliens: Colonial Marines, Will Be Out In March

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Aliens: Colonials Marines comes out tomorrow, and that means Gearbox and Sega will now be directing its attention towards DLC for the title. Sega outlined its plans over the weekend on how it intends to support the title throughout 2013.

Sega says that Aliens: Colonial Marines will receive four DLC add-ons throughout 2013 that add more campaign and multiplayer content. The first of which is called Bug Hunt, and it features a cooperative multiplayer mode that has players taking down hordes of Xenomorphs across three new maps based on the Aliens film. The DLC is scheduled to arrive at the end of March.

As for the other DLC add-ons, Sega says that everything will be out by the end of August of this year. You can preorder all of the DLC now as part of the season pass that gives players all four add-ons for $29.99. The content will be available separately as well, but it will apparently cost 40 percent more that way.

The Season Pass is already available for preorder on Steam for 10 percent off. It will be available on Xbox Live and the PSN soon.

There's still no word on when the Wii U version of Colonial Marines will be made available, or if it will get the same offer of a season pass. The delayed release of the Wii U version may also mean that Gearbox will include the first DLC add-on for free with the Wii U version, or at least we can hope.

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