Buddy Media Acquires Facebook Ads API Partner Brighter Option


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One of the world's largest social enterprise software companies, Buddy Media, announced today that it has acquired Brighter Option, a London-based Facebook Ads API partner providing innovative social ad management software. By adding this valuable feather in its cap, Buddy Media will become the company in the world to combine social publishing, applications, analytics, commerce and paid advertising in a unified software suite.

The acquisition was six months in the making, during which time Buddy Media, the most award winning social enterprise software company, examined more than twenty Facebook ad partners to determine which company boasted the most scalable technology. Ultimately, Brighter Option proved to be the creme de la creme of advertising tech partners. Last quarter, for example, the company’'s social ad management software managed more than 92.5 billion impressions for more than 291 advertisers in 42 countries.

“"Customers want to manage more of their social and digital programs in one software suite,"” said Buddy Media founder and CEO Michael Lazerow. "Through Buddy Media, marketers can more easily manage and be more effective with their social and digital programs than with other incomplete solutions on the market. Smart social content gets the conversation started, then social ads provide scale, which in turn leads to larger owned media channels. It’s a virtuous cycle of increasing returns for brands.”"

Brighter Option stands out among social advertising software because it offers a self-service tool for ad agencies, game developers, brands, retailers, or basically any other company that wants to advertise on Facebook. Essentially, it's the only Facebook ads API partner that allows clients to manage their own Facebook advertising.

"Joining forces with Buddy Media will enable us to provide a comprehensive social marketing software suite unlike anything available on the market,"” said Peter Goodman, CEO and founder, Brighter Option. "“Brands and agencies simply cannot have their advertising teams and community management teams working in silos. Now, for the first time, they won’t have to.”"

Continuing from a post on Buddy Media's official blog, the company believes that advertising on Facebook is the optimal business endeavor for reaching an audience efficiently and effectively.

Buddy Media software now enables everything that our clients need to do on the Facebook Page platform, as well as all their Facebook ads needs. We support today all Facebook ad formats, including the new Page post ad units available only via the API. By showing complete Page post engagement metrics, our clients get more context than any other ad management solution and even Facebook’s own tools.

At least all of the ads we see on the sidebar of Facebook's homepage will hopefully be a little more relevant to all us. I'm tired of ads suggesting I need help with bedwetting (seriously, those are totally unnecessary).