Buckingham Palace Guard Raises Rifle At Man


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A soldier at Buckingham Palace raised his weapon at a man outside the palace after he witnessed the man arguing with a police officer outside the palace gates. The man and the police officer exchanged words for several minutes before the man became angry and started screaming at the police officer.

The soldier approached the man and the officer and raised his weapon at the man. The man then exchanged a few words with the soldier before Royal protection officers escorted him away from the gates.

A Royalty protection spokesman said, “An incident occurred at the north centre gate of Buckingham Palace at approximately 17.50hrs on Friday 4th April. Officers from Royalty protection spoke to a male and he was given words of advice. There were no arrests.”

The man was not arrested, but was told to leave the area to prevent further altercations. Although the solider was trying to help, it is not common for them to leave their posts for security matters outside of the palace walls.

An army spokesman said, "We are aware of an incident outside Buckingham Palace on Friday and while no-one came to any harm and there were no arrests, we are very clear that the Metropolitan Police lead on royal security arrangements including outside the palace itself."

It is not likely that the solider will be in trouble for interfering in the matter or leaving his post. Witnesses claimed that the man was trying to enter the palace gates when the argument began. There have been many other people who have tried to get into the palace in the past. One man was successful in sneaking in and was even able to talk to the queen before guards found and arrested him.

Do you think the solider should get in trouble or did he do the right thing?

Image via Wikimedia Commons