Bruce Willis Wants To Sell His $22 Million Mansion

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Do you want the mansion belonging to Bruce Willis? That will be $22 million.

TMZ reports that Willis has put up his Beverly Hills mansion on sale for $22 million. He paid $9 million for the mansion back in 2004.

So, what will you get for $22 million? It's a 10,379 sq. ft. home with 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. It's surely large enough for anything you could possibly have planned in the Beverly Hills area.

If you want another piece of Willis' housing, you can grab his home away from home in Trump Tower for a cool $11.65 million.

Earlier this year, Willis picked up a place in New York for $8.85 million. He'll probably get a new place on the West Coast if he's successful in selling his current home. Even if he doesn't sell it anytime soon, he probably got a pretty decent amount for a down payment after starring in this year's G.I. Joe film. He could always toss together another Die Hard film as well if he's really desperate for a bigger home.

[Image: Caroline Bonarde Ucci]

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