Bruce Willis Touting Honda Safety

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Bruce Willis appeared in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday touting the safety of Honda automobiles. Nine automobile brands were advertised during the Super Bowl, with Willis's ad not all that different from the rest.

Bruce Willis's Honda ad went along with the overall theme of the night for car advertising--warm and family oriented. He talked of how people probably expected to see him crash a car or blow it up, but instead he asked fans and viewers to give every one of the people around them a hug. He went on to say how their safety matters as much to Honda as it does to the consumer--and to the football fans at the Super Bowl. No special effects were used and Bruce Willis didn't even drive a Honda. Instead the camera eventually panned to a full view of Willis hugging former SNL funny man Fred Armisen.

"That's a great hug," he told him.

"Our simple, yet engaging, big-game spot is intended to highlight not only Honda's deep concern for the safety of our customers, but the actual industry-leading crash test results that back up our commitment," said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of auto operations at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. about their Super Bowl ad. "We know that safety is high on a new-car shopper's purchase consideration list. Honda leads the industry in crash test performance and the Super Bowl represents a great opportunity to move the needle on consumer awareness of that fact."

How many of the Super Bowl ads did you see on Sunday evening? The general consensus so far is that most of the ads were a bit on the boring side. Bruce Willis's ad was dull as could be, but the hilarious look on Fred Armisen's face sort of saved it from falling to the bottom of the barrel of the list of ads.

The Budweiser horse and puppy definitely took the cake. Ellen DeGeneres advertising for Beats was very entertaining. The Seinfeld reunion ad was funny--but only if you watched Seinfeld. And then there were the Bruce Willis-type ads.

Did you see Bruce Willis in his Honda safety ad? You must admit that the mild humor was okay, but certainly not memorable.

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