Bruce Springsteen Covers Lorde's "Royals" In New Zealand [Video]


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Well, Lorde's popular song "Royals" has been covered by all sorts of choruses and Acapella groups, but it is quite an honor for the young singer to be covered by "The Boss," Bruce Springsteen.

The song became an instant hit last summer, and continued to be played over and over on the radio, gaining enough attention to earn the 17-year-old from New Zealand multiple Grammy nominations, and even a couple of wins.

"Royals" became a pop hit, but the content of the song, as anyone who has taken the time to listen to it would know, is used as a commentary on pop music, and pop culture. The hit song ruled the Hot 100 chart for nine weeks last year, while Springsteen earned himself another No.1 album with "High Hopes," which was released in January.

It became an anthem against luxury and fancy accessories, something that Bruce Springsteen has often written about as well. Throughout his career, he has taken the time to write about the working men of America, and firefighters on multiple occasions.

Bruce Springsteen is one of the modern legends of rock music, and while people are continually covering him, it is not often that the takes the time to cover someone else, and especially such an up-and-coming artist such as Lorde.

Of course, given that the song was originally written by a female teenager, he felt that he needed to change the lyrics in a few places, which has known to be done in covers before. In the most obvious example, he refers to himself as "King B" instead of "Queen B."

Bruce Springsteen covered Lorde's hit song in the most fitting place possible, her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. The performance was at Mt. Smart Stadium on Saturday, March 1st. He opened the show with the pop anthem that has become a worldwide hit since its release. Last night was also just the first night of his set of shows at the stadium.

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