Bruce Jenner Is Reportedly Dating Kris Jenner's BFF, Kris Left Devastated And In Tears

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A preview for an upcoming episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians shows a confrontation between Kim Kardashian and step-dad Bruce Jenner. In the clip, Kim and Bruce are seen in a restaurant with Bruce being accosted by his step-daughter over his rumored relationship with Ronda Kamihira. Jenner and Kamihira were seen hanging out immediately right after Jenner’s divorce with Kris was finalized.

Prior to her rumored relationship with Bruce, Ronda was a family friend and was a former BFF and assistant to Kris. “Do you actually think I'm dating anybody?” Bruce responds to Kim. “She was really one of my mom's good friends,” Kim says.  “My mom cries about it.”

It’s been reported that Kris was not happy when rumors that Bruce and Ronda were dating started to surface.

An insider tells People, “Kris is devastated. This was her former assistant and best friend of 20 years. Kendall and Kylie grew up with her two kids and have been their best friends.”

Aside from the confrontation with Kim, the teaser also shows Bruce celebrating his divorce. He threw a “Bruce on the loose” party and was joined by his son Brandon Jenner, Brandon’s wife Leah, and their friends. Bruce is clearly enjoying his freedom as a single man, but it seems Kris has also moved on.  Kris started dating tour manager Corey Gamble, a man younger than Kim and Kourtney.

And while the divorce is already behind them, it’s been rumored that Bruce still has a couple of issues with Kris… specifically, how she raises their two daughters Kendall and Kylie. It’s been reported that Bruce doesn’t approve of the men being linked to their daughters and that he blames Kris. A source for OK Magazine claims that Bruce is concerned because Kris is only focused on the fame and attention that could come from who their daughters are dating.

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