Bruce Jenner Involved In Fatal Car Wreck

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Bruce Jenner was involved in a car accident in Malibu on Saturday that left a woman in her 70's dead.

Celebrity photographers that were following Bruce Jenner quickly snapped scenes of the accident and posted them online.

Bruce Jenner's black Cadillac SUV was going north on a coastal highway when he smashed into a Lexus sedan that had just hit a Toyota Prius.

The Lexus then spun into oncoming traffic and struck a Hummer head on.

The woman who was in the Lexus was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bruce Jenner was unhurt, according to police.

He was also very cooperative. It is not known if Bruce Jenner was being chased by the paparazzi at the time of the collision, but they were nearby.

Bruce Jenner has been the talk of the tabloids recently as speculation mounts that he is undergoing a transformation from male to female. As his appearance gradually changes, the feeding frenzy becomes more intense.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Philip Brooks said, "Being a celebrity, he is often followed by paparazzi. He was aware of that, and it doesn't appear he took any evasive action to avoid the paparazzi."

Bruce Jenner submitted to a field sobriety test and voluntarily submitted a blood sample to determine whether he was intoxicated.

"He did not appear intoxicated or under the influence of anything at the time," Brooks said.

Sheriff's Cmdr. Michael Parker said that the cause of the crash is under investigation at this time. He said they will check all of the drivers' cellphone records and the available video evidence to help them determine what happened.

Do you think the paparazzi may have been partly responsible for Bruce Jenner's car wreck?

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