Bruce Jenner: From Latest Diane Sawyer Interview Clip: 'I Can't Let Myself Hurt' My Family

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Bruce Jenner's much-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer is just a few days away and ABC is promoting what is promised to be an emotional and personal two-hour revelation that Bruce is becoming a woman.

A new clip from the interview has been released and shows Bruce Jenner sharing just a bit more from previous clips, Page Six reports.

In the latest clip, the 65-year-old father of six and stepfather to four says his family is all that really matters through this experience.

“I can’t let myself hurt them,” Bruce Jenner reveals.

Much speculation has surrounded Bruce Jenner's changing appearance. After the former Olympic champion was subjected to rather nasty rumors and comments, Jenner decided to take control of how his news will be shared by agreeing to the interview with Diane Sawyer, who is reputed to be empathic and compassionate within the LGBT community.

In recent months, Bruce Jenner has grown out his hair and wears nail polish, which has fueled speculation about his desire to become a woman, as well as nasty comments and reaction.

The lengthy interview is expected to cover Bruce Jenner's entire life — most likely including his rise to fame with the Olympics and life in the limelight, his recent divorce from Kris Jenner and his future.

In a previous teaser, Jenner can be heard saying that his entire life “has been getting me ready for this.”

With only four days left until Friday's show, Bruce Jenner has kept a low profile. However, People magazine reports that Jenner was out on a joyride around Santa Monica, California, on his motorcycle over the weekend.

He was snapped sporting a big black helmet that covered his face, along with jeans and a jacket, as he made his way through the California hills.

“Bruce Jenner — The Interview” airs 9 p.m. Friday on ABC.

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