Bruce Jenner Flaunts His New Hairstyle


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Bruce Jenner is known for his hair and while he sometimes manages to make it look good, most of the time it’s just a mess.

Not too long ago, Jenner was sporting a long ponytail. Jenner loves his long hair, but not everyone else agrees. Kris Jenner hates it and it was rumored that Bruce was having a midlife crisis or even contemplating a sex change.

Around the time Bruce started growing his hair out, he also planned to have his Adam's apple shaved and reduced. Bruce said he wanted the surgery because the size of his Adam's apple had always bothered him, but that didn't stop people from spreading rumors that Bruce wanted to be a woman.

Bruce finally cut his long hair but now the reality star is sporting another crazy hairstyle, a mullet.

If Kris thought the ponytail was bad, what does she think about the new mullet?

Some people wonder if Bruce’s hairstyles aren’t a cry for attention or his way of annoying Kris on purpose.

Others think that Bruce is just bored and trying to have some fun with his look. Some have even gone as far as to question if the hair is real and claim that the mullet is actually a wig.

Of course, the same old sex change rumors are also spreading like wildfire once again.

When Bruce was questioned about his ponytail, he said that he considered himself lucky to still have a healthy head of hair at his age and was just taking advantage of it and showing it off.

Maybe Bruce’s new mullet is just another way for him to show off the hair he is so proud of.

What do you think of Bruce Jenner’s crazy hairstyles?

Image via Wikimedia Commons