Brown University Strengthens Ties To Google

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Google Apps for Education is having a good week. Yesterday, public schools in Iowa and Colorado got onboard, and today, a representative of Brown University made another announcement.  By popular demand, Brown faculty, staff, medical, and grad students are all "going Google."

Geoff Greene, Director of IT Support Services at Brown, noted in a guest post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog, "About a year ago we put our 6,000 undergraduate students on Google Apps.  The results were phenomenal: people were happy, they were productive, they were excited . . . and then some people got jealous."

So a migration is taking place this summer that will allow everyone else with ties to Brown to use Google Apps before long.  And a lot of folks are excited about that, as the video below shows.  As for the rest, Greene wrote, "We feel confident that once people start using these tools together, they'll never look back."

Also, on a more tangible subject, Greene estimated that the change will save Brown something like $1 million per year.

This development should serve as a very strong endorsement of Google Apps when other colleges consider adopting the technology, then.  Or for that matter, considering how well-regarded Brown is, this seems likely to convert quite a few schools even if they weren't already thinking about adopting Google Apps.

Now it'll just be interesting to see if Google's scheduled more Apps for Education announcements for this week.


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