Brooks Ayers--Vicki Gunvalson's Ex--Maintains He Has Cancer, Meghan King Edmonds Says No Way

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Brooks Ayers latched on to Vicki Gunvalson and became part of the Real Housewives of Orange County cast. Since their split in August, he has made money off his former relationship in the form of interviews and appearances.

Supposedly diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma back in 2013, some of the RHOC cast mates think he is faking. One of them has publicly spoken out about her beliefs. Brooks Ayers has threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against her for speaking out about his purported illness. Meghan King Edmonds received a letter from Brooks Ayers' lawyer, and was told to issue a formal apology--something she refuses to do.

"I am waiting patiently on my official documents that I'm being sued," Edmonds says during an interview with People magazine. "I already got one letter threatening to sue if I don't comply with his requests, including one to issue a formal public apology."

The letter says she was to respond by this past Wednesday evening, or else Brooks Ayers and his attorney would pursue legal action. That deadline has come and gone, but Edmonds says she isn't worried.

"I didn't respond on purpose, because he's full of crap and doesn't have a case. So now I'm waiting to be sued," Edmonds says. "He won't. He knows he's a liar and he's pissed off at me and made a feeble attempt to intimidate me into not talking. When really, it's so ridiculous I simply laughed it off. He doesn't have the balls to sue me."

In addition to Meghan King Edmonds, Tamra Judge has also questioned Brooks Ayers' illness.

Brooks Ayers, however, maintains he does--in fact--have cancer.

"I think they do it to create drama," Ayers told Entertainment Tonight of the cast's accusations regarding his illness. "It's useless drama that brings on stress that quite frankly no one needs and in particular my situation. I'm not running from anything."

A new report claims ex Vicki Gunvalson no longer believes Brooks Ayers has cancer either.

Do you think Brooks Ayers is truly sick? What kind of person would go on TV and claim to have cancer if he didn't?

Obviously one who is sick in an entirely different way.

Will Brooks Ayers go through with his threat to sue Meghan King Edmonds?

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