Brooks Ayers May Have Made Himself Sick To Back Up Cancer Claims, Vicki Gunvalson Says

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Brooks Ayers has been in the headlines for months now due to his claims that he has been battling cancer--and undergoing chemotherapy--despite a lack of evidence for any of it. Now, his ex, Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson, says she thinks it's possible that he made himself ill in order to keep up the ruse that he was very sick.

Ayers was allegedly caught in a lie about having cancer by Gunvalson's daughter, who says he also hit on her at a party with her mother in the next room. Ayers has denied every accusation leveled against him, but Vicki says there are ways he could have faked it.

"I actually contacted a couple of people and they said you can actually take eye drops and they can make you violently ill. I don't know if he did that, that's pretty sick, but I witnessed him with fevers and night sweats and chills. He lost 42 pounds in three months," Vicki said.

Brooks Ayers' claims were partially responsible for driving a wedge between Vicki and her daughter, Briana, who said earlier this year that when she first met Ayers he told her he had pancreatic cancer, then quickly changed his tune when he realized she had nursing experience and said it was pancreatitis. Ayers, meanwhile, says that Briana and the other Real Housewives--some of whom haven't trusted him since the beginning--are just stirring up drama.

“I think they do it to create drama. It’s useless drama that brings on stress that quite frankly no one needs and in particular my situation. I’m not running from anything,” Ayers said.

As for Vicki, she says she doesn't believe anything he says and just wants him to stay away.

"I never want to see him or speak of his name again. I want him out of my life. My family is finally coming full circle," Vicki said of Brooks.

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