Brooklyn Decker Bikini Double-Feature In Theaters Today

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Brooklyn Decker may not be a big name right now, but there's a good chance you'll know about her soon if you don't already. She's got not one but two big movies coming out today: "Battleship" and "What To Expect When You're Expecting", the ensemble-comedy based on the book of the same name.

With newfound success in Hollywood, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model says she still can't get used to the fancy dress required of her and would rather wear a bathing suit than a ball gown.

"It's not that I'm comfortable in a swimsuit, and this is going to sound weird, but when you have a gown, there's much more to be concerned about," she says. "Where is this crease falling? Are you making a weird shape with the dress? Are you doing the designer justice? With a bathing suit, it's more about you and the mood you convey. So, I feel like a bathing suit is a little bit easier to wear, not more comfortable but easier."

It's a good thing she feels that way, because so far most of what we've seen from Decker has involved a bikini. Although she's said she wants to find roles that put less emphasis on her physical attributes, it seems movie producers want to play up the SI model's assets as much as possible; she's sporting a bathing suit in both films being released today. Not that it's a problem; Decker in a bikini may be the best part of "Battleship".

Amanda Crum
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