Brooklyn Beckham Is Too Young To Father Your Kids


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A week ago, football star David Beckham’s son Brooklyn starred in a stylish photo shoot for Man About Town magazine.

The cover featured young Beckham in a suit looking rather dapper. Other images from the shoot show him in a striped sleeveless shirt. His defined arms seem to have impressed, but those arms still belong to a 15-year-old boy.

This is why the response from much older women to the photos was not only surprising, it was downright disturbing.

Twitter trends like “Brooklyn Beckham can father my children” are embarrassing enough when preteens who adore teen idols like One Direction and Justin Bieber are to blame.

However, adult women who making comments about the body and sexual prowess of someone not old enough to legally consent to sex with them are absolutely inappropriate.

Child sex campaigners such as The BLAST Project felt this very strongly and took to the internet to condemn the adults across social media for their lewd remarks about Brooklyn Beckham.

The organization, which works supports male victims of sexual exploitation, noted a serious double standard when it comes to the sexual propositioning of male children and teens by women versus male comments towards girl children and teens.

“If an older male was saying he wanted to have sex with a 15-year-old girl, it would get a very different reaction,” said Project coordinator Phil Mitchell. “An adult woman saying she wants to have sex with a young boy should be taken just as seriously.”

Some women see this behavior as harmless because the person involved is a young male teen, but this is hardly a unanimous sentiment. A“What Would You Do?” segment made this perfectly clear:

Typically women who are mothers of boys themselves are going to have a huge problem with this behavior. Other childless women also understand sexual trysts with male minors are illegal behaviors and that they're better off sticking to guys that can legally purchase alcoholic beverages.

There are persons of both sexes who exhibit inappropriate and predatory behaviors towards children and minors. It’s just that modern society is hyper-vigilant of behaviors that target girls while sometimes actively encouraging the same demonstrations towards underage boys.

The idea that a boy should expect to be hit on because men are to develop “their sexual prowess” at an early age is a gross stereotype. Minors are minors are minors. Brooklyn Beckham is an adorable youth, but he is still too young to father your children.

If you wished for it while having been able to vote and drink legally for some time, you should quite simply be ashamed of yourself.

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