Broken Age Revealed To Have All-Star Cast At VGX


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At VGX 2013, Tim Schafer showed up to give us a better look at his Kickstarter-funded adventure game Broken Age. While showing us some new gameplay from the title, Schafer also revealed that the game will have a cast of characters voiced by some of the best talent around.

As you may already know, Broken Age stars two characters - a young boy living on a spaceship and a young girl living in a tribal village. At VGX, it was revealed that the young boy, named Shay, will be voiced by Elijah Wood. He's a fan of classic PC point-and-click adventure games and was asked to be a part of the project after he expressed interest in Broken Age during its Kickstarter campaign.

Aside from Elijah Wood, it was revealed at VGX that Jack Black and Wil Wheaton will also be voicing side characters in the game. Jack Black had previously worked with Double Fine on Brutal Legend, voicing the protagonist Eddie Riggs.

The first part of Broken Age will be released in January 2014 on Steam Early Access. Double Fine will use the funds raised from these sales to finish development of the game.

[Image: gametrailers/YouTube]