Brody Jenner Gets Along Better With Caitlyn Than Bruce

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Brody Jenner is about to launch a new television show on E! called Sex With Brody. if ever there was someone in a position to talk about the topic, it would be Brody Jenner. His family boasts some of the most lusted-after models and personalities in the nation right now. Then, of course, there is Caitlyn Jenner.

And you have to be careful how you spell that. Brody Jenner also has his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, whom he is intent to marry. You gotta wonder if that will ever get weird.

Speaking of Caitlyn, though, Brody Jenner told E! News that things are so much better between him and his dad/mom than ever. The difficulty in choosing which noun to use is not out of disrespect for Caitlyn Jenner's identity, but in how Brody Jenner describes his relatinoship with Caitlyn vs. Bruce.

"What are my thoughts on the transition? It's incredible," Brody said when asked about Caitlyn. "I think that it's probably one of the most historical things that's happened in a long [time]."

It is how Caitlyn feels about herself now that has Brody most enthusiastic.

"I've known Bruce for a long time and I didn't really get along with Bruce," Brody said. "Caitlyn I get along with a little more, because Caitlyn is actually who she really is and she's living her life finally now as the person that she always was. Caitlyn is a much freer, happier person and I think that's very special, and I think that the most important thing is that people who are in that situation, don't be afraid to be yourself. Be yourself. And if you're not accepted by your family, there will be people who will accept you."

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