Brock Lesnar Ends The Undertaker’s Winning Streak

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The wrestling world was shocked when Brock Lesnar, former UFC heavyweight champion, defeated The Undertaker on Sunday night’s WrestleMania 30, which took place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

The Undertaker had a perfect winning streak at “The Showcase of the Immortals,” – 21-0. That was until last night’s fight, which was reported to be lackluster, due to sloppy high spots, and the abundance of rest holds.

More than 75,000 fans were in attendance to witness the rare moment. The Undertaker has been dominating the ring for two decades, starting with his win at WrestleMania 7. Through the years, he has defeated strong contenders and wrestling greats, such as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and King Kong Bundy.

Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s manager, has finally pushed one of his fighters to beat The Undertaker.  In WrestleMania 29, Heyman tried hard to push CM Punk to “finish” The Undertaker, but his efforts were futile. On Sunday night he was screaming at Lesnar saying, “You have him where you want him. Finish him.”

The Undertaker was able to perform his famous moves – the Last Ride powerbomb and the Tombstone piledriver, but Lesnar was able to kick out at two. “You’re Brock Lesnar, you’re a conqueror,” Heyman yelled.

Lesnar defeated The Undertaker with an F-5 finisher that The Undertaker couldn't kick out of.

The Undertaker’s fans fell silent when he lost, and reports say that some fans even exited the superdome in tears.

After the match, The Undertaker remained in the ring, while his fans gave him a well-deserved standing ovation.

Sunday’s match is sure to be remembered in the wrestling world for years to come.

Some say that The Undertaker is turning 50-years-old and that maybe it’s time for him to retire following his loss. Others, however, are still anticipating The Undertaker’s return to next year’s WrestleMania.

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