Brittny Gastineau Dodges Concern About Her Black Eye


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What’s the story behind Brittny Gastineau’s black eye? No one is quite sure, but signs point to a violent attack by her boyfriend.

Gastineau's injuries first came to the attention of the public when she was spotted out at a Los Angeles restaurant.

It was obvious to onlookers and paparazzi that Kim Kardashian’s good friend had been in one heck of a mix-up.

Eventually it came out that the person responsible for the fashion blogger’s condition was her boyfriend Retna, also known as Marquis Lewis. Lewis currently makes his living as a street artist.

US Weekly reports that a source close to Gastineau informed them of details about the fight.

It's not known what the reason was for the violent incident, but the anonymous friend insisted that Gastineau was on the receiving end of blows in a fight she did NOT start.

Michael Goldstein, Lewis’s lawyer, is contesting this accusation. He told Us Weekly that Retna was not the initial aggressor in the fight.

Even though everyone is aware of Gastineau’s condition, he claims Retna also suffered his share of injuries during their recent confrontation. Goldstein even suggested that the artist was simply too weak from recent surgery and mandatory bed rest to have done any real damage to Gastineau.

Well surgery or not, Lewis was strong enough to put one heck of a shiner on Gastineau’s face.

Gossip website RadarOnline said that they were informed that Gastineau was left "scared" and "traumatized" by the apparent beating she took.

This is a far cry from her public stance, which has her "moving on" from the incident and remaining by her boyfriend's side. Gastineau and Lewis have both stated that they simply wish to put the whole ugly matter behind them.

The couple even released a joint statement through Us Weekly on Monday:

Though we disagree about the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident, we do agree that the incident was unfortunate, regrettable and unnecessary. We both wish to put the matter behind us and neither of us holds any ill will toward the other.

This statement is contradictory enough to suggest that the two are actually very much still at odds with one another. At the same time, it's heavily implied that the truth of the matter will not be divulged to the public anytime in the foreseeable future.

The startling nature of this incident and the subsequent response has raised concerns that Gastineau might be in an abusive relationship.

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