Brittany Snow Says Being Mistaken For Olsen Twin Is Not A Compliment

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Brittany Snow is becoming a bigger star all the time.

Now, with Pitch Perfect 2 coming out, Brittany Snow is making a hilarious round of talk show appearances and an even better series of interviews.

Take, for instance, Brittany Snow's appearance on Ellen.

Now, that was a pretty amazing rendition of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Brittany Snow.

Watch it if you haven't yet! It's so great:

Brittany Snow's performance came after she admitted that "Gangsta's Paradise" was her go-to karaoke song when the cast would go out after filming Pitch Perfect 2.

Then, there was this interview with Yahoo! Style.

Brittany Snow revealed several things, including her addiction to hair dye and her dislike of her hue for the new movie.

She said, “I have had every hair color. I joke with my hair colorist. She keeps sheets of paper on every hair color that I’ve had so she has records of it all. She’s done my hair since I was 15 and I guess I have a thick folder going because I’ve had so many different hair colors.”

Brittany Snow added, “I think my least favorite hair color was the hair color that I had in Pitch Perfect 2. They really wanted me to be dark red and I wanted to be lighter like I was in the first movie, but they didn’t want that. But I rocked some light red for a year, after it faded.”

Brittany Snow didn't stop her list of stuff she doesn't like with her Pitch Perfect 2 hair color. She also managed to burn the Olsen twins before she was done.

It all started with Brittany Snow having two very visible doppelgangers in her early years.

Brittany Snow said, “I don’t get recognized that often. I used to get recognized for being the Olsen twins a lot, which was a compliment, not so much anymore.”

That has to sting! What do you think about Brittany Snow's comment about the Olsen twins?

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