Brittany Snow, Erin Andrews At The CMT Awards

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Brittany Snow and Erin Andrews really had a blast at this year's CMT Awards on Wednesday night!

Brittany Snow and her co-host didn't have quite as many outfit changes as the star of the night, Carrie Underwood, but they held their own.

In addition to her elegant red carpet black and white ensemble, Brittany Snow later changed into a short silver and black dress and then a gorgeous sparkly white jumpsuit.

Brittany Snow's co-host, Erin Andrews, had just as many glamorous looks. She started out on the red carpet in a white gown with a few small cutouts. She, also, later changed into a white jumpsuit with fewer sparkles and more cleavage. Andrews ended the night in a glittering navy dress.

Really classy choices from Erin Andrews and Brittany Snow!

this little @moniquelhuillier number and @martinkatzjewels for @cmt

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Double trouble...loved working with you @brittsnowhuh & @cmt Thank u for such a memorable night

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However, awards night was not the only fun that was to be had for these two.

Brittany Snow shared a funny story wherein Erin Andrews had a fangirl freakout when she thought her favorite, Carrie Underwood, might have been injured.

Hosting is all about making the right decisions. #cmtmusicawards #fruit

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Brittany Snow said, “You heard [Underwood] from afar and she freaked out.”

She continued, “And then the funniest moment was a big crash happened and immediately Erin goes, ‘Oh my god. Is she OK?!‘ She was very, very scared for her life. But I think it was just something that made a loud clang.”

Erin Andrews, in her best anchor voice, expanded on Brittany Snow's story, saying, “Breaking news. Let’s clarify on the ticker: She did not fall.”

She added, “I think it was like an acoustic bass situation. We were trying to get our promos done yesterday and I may or may not have followed the rules and someone said she was right inside. I went into a full-on sprint and called it my cardio for the afternoon. I saw her for two seconds.”

So much fun had by these two! Did you watch Brittany Snow and Erin Andrews host the CMT Awards on Wednesday? What did you think?

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