Brittany Murphy Final Film Gets Release Date

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Brittany Murphy's final film, Something Wicked, has a release date, more than four years after the actress' unexpected death.

The movie will first be screened Apr. 4 in Eugene, Oreg., at the Regal Valley River Center 15, where the psychological thriller was filmed in 2009. It will then show in Regal Cinemas in Portland and Seattle in the following weeks.

Due to a small budget, the film will initially have a limited release. Producers are counting on word-of-mouth to help spread the word about the project.

The film's official Facebook account page encouraged support for the film.

Something Wicked tells the story of a young couple whose dark past secrets get in the way of their future marital bliss. Murphy co-starred in the project, directed by Darin Scott, with Shantel VanSanten of One Tree Hill, James Patrick Stuart of Monsters vs. Aliens), John Robinson, who starred in Elephant, and Pretty Little Liars' Julian Morris.

Murphy's death in December 2009 delayed the film's production schedule, and the project was not completed until December 2012.

"It is an additional responsibility, you do want her performance to be the best it can be, because unfortunately it's her last performance," said producer and screenwriter Joe Colleran.

He added that "the first months of reviewing the footage and starting to put things together and then seeing her and hearing her voice, it's very emotional."

“There’s an important scene where her character is unraveling and she spent a long time getting ready and focused and went for it. Personally, I think it’s one of the best scenes of her career,” Colleran said.

Murphy, who starred in Clueless, 8 Mile, and Girl, Interrupted, died of pneumonia, drug intoxication, and iron deficiency at the age of 32.

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