Britney Split Rumors: Is She About To Be Dumped?

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Britney Spears has had her fair share of rocky relationships, so when she started dating her manager, Jason Trawick, fans and family had high hopes that it would be a positive move in her life.

However, rumors are spreading online that Trawick has told her family he intends to break up with her when this season of "The X Factor" is over--in order to give her time and space to cope--so she'll have a support system already in place when he dumps her.

Rumors have been flying for a while now that the couple's engagement is being called off amidst stories of wedding-date push-backs incessant fighting. Sources close to the couple say Britney feels Jason--who is her legal co-conservator--is smothering her with his constant need to be a father figure to her, and that he feels like a mere babysitter for the star. The couple insist that the wedding is on, however, despite what people are saying.

Britney has made quite a comeback in the last year or so after an initial lackluster return to the spotlight following her infamous meltdown; with a new perfume, a new album and tour, and a gig judging contestants on "The X Factor", she's worked hard to restore her career.

Amanda Crum
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