Britney Spears Hangs With Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

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Britney Spears had a very special guest at her Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas this week. It was none other than Lady Gaga. Britney tweeted the Applause singer and made plans to meet up with her before the show. Can you imagine the music Britney and Gaga could make together if they actually planned a bona fide collaboration? It would have the potential to launch Britney Spears off the Vegas circuit and back on to the hit song and tour realm.

Britney Spears is in the midst of a two-year residency at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood--and while that's an honor--it's her very own show, after all--there's just something about that "Vegas show" branding that leaves thoughts of Wayne Newton in the back of people's minds. Now this isn't intended as a Wayne Newton bash as he has entertained millions throughout his career. When a singer goes to Vegas (unless he or she is a timeless classic like Elton John) it just sounds to some like it's the end of the road. Britney is way too young to even think of her career being at the end of that proverbial role--but do some fans wonder if she's settling for exactly that? A collaboration with Lady Gaga would banish any such thoughts.

You can clearly see how excited Britney Spears was when she learned Lady Gaga was coming to her show at Planet Hollywood on Saturday night.

Lady Gaga even shared a photo of the two singers together before Britney Spears' show.

Can you imagine what a collaboration with Lady Gaga could do for Britney Spears? And beyond that--just imagine the musical treat that would be for both performer's fans.

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