Brit: Meet the New Brand That Marries Tech & Domestic Living

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If you enjoy being creative, are all about Pinterest, and have a techie streak in you, chances are, you’ll be interested in a new lifestyle brand founded by Brit Morin. The brand, simply called Brit, puts a new spin on domestic living. It is geared toward the younger, tech savvy generation and offers innovative ideas for categories such as food, style, weddings, and living that can be applied both online and offline.

“Brit is a new lifestyle brand that teaches the digital generation savvy shortcuts and creative living ideas for their online and offline lives,” Morin tells us.

Brit Morin demonstrating her lifestyle brand

Morin, who was formerly employed by both Apple and Google, explained that she had always had a love both for making things and technology. With Brit, she combines these two areas but does so in a way that others can learn and be inspired by it.

“I learned that I loved making things online and offline, and yet there is no one who’s really teaching this new generation that grew up with technology how to do things in both of these worlds,” she said.

Brit includes ideas for styling outfits, cleaning house, cooking, decorating and much more. What makes these ideas unique, however, is the fact that they all have a ”tech flair.” For instance, in light of the recent Mother’s Day holiday, the company not only offered 20 DIY gift ideas for mom and 10 gifts available for 2-day Amazon Prime shipping, but it also provided a list of apps to give people the option of sending their mothers virtual gifts.

Mother's Day DIY Ideas from Brit
Mother's Day Tech Ideas from Brit

For this ingenuity, many people are calling Brit the “Martha Stewart of tech” or “Martha Stewart 2.0.” Morin told us she is “totally flattered” to be compared to Martha Stewart but pointed out that Brit was primarily focused on building tools for domestic living.

“We’re combining a media and software company together into one,” Morin said.

“I know people are busy, and I want to help them simplify their lives in a smart way,” she added.

As Morin explained to us, Brit is trying to create “lifestyle technology.” The company plans on developing apps for each of its categories and recently debuted the first of the series – Weduary. This app was inspired after Morin’s experience with planning her own wedding.

Last year, she married Path founder Dave Morin but was shocked to find a lack of social software in the wedding category. Weduary is an attempt to fill this void. The app allows couples to create their own wedding websites. It also includes special features for ensuring that guests have an enjoyable time at their wedding. For example, a feature called “Flirt” is geared toward bringing together single guests with similar interests.

Brit also recently announced a $1.25 million seed round of funding from investors such as Marissa Mayer, Seth Goldstein, General Catalyst Partners, and the Founders Fund. According to Morin, this funding will be used to scale the company’s team as well as its features.

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