Bristol Palin's Busy Week In The Media

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Bristol Palin, daughter of outspoken former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, has debuted her new reality show and made some headlines in the past couple of weeks with some outrageous, ugly scenes from a barfight and her claim that she is abstaining from sex until she's married.

Palin's show, "Life's A Tripp", chronicles her move from Alaska to L.A. with her 3-year old son Tripp and documents her relationship with her mom, her sister Willow, and with a young man named Gino, who turned out to be a favorite for some fans during the show's premiere. Amber Porter, blogger for ABC news, called Gino "the most likable person on the show".

"...Without lifting his head off the couch he tells Bristol he won’t miss her, knows she won’t find anyone else in L.A., and isn’t a jealous person. He gives her a lot of side-eye that he probably thinks is really sexy and flirtatious....hold up! All of a sudden Gino whispers, ‘Hey, I love you!’ and says he will be there when she gets back. The hunter with a heart of gold! Gino has surged ahead as the most likable person on this show so far."

The very first episode of the show sees Sarah Palin show up in full makeup to dole out advice to her daughters, as well as captures a rather drawn-out argument between Bristol and a man at a bar in which he yells out ugly comments about her mother, calling her a whore. Bristol, of course, doesn't let that slide and confronts him; however, several minutes of the fight are cut out of the episode, during which she proceeds to call him gay and says that is the reason he doesn't like her mother. The man has since filed a lawsuit against Palin and Lifetime--the network airing her show--for filming him without his permission.

Palin is also making news this week for her announcement regarding sex before marriage; she claims that she and boyfriend Gino are waiting until they make those vows to hop into bed, partly because she is already a single mom and has discovered just how difficult a job it is.

“Gino and I are going to wait until marriage,” she said. “I’m doing what’s best for me. It’s between me and God, and I know it’s right.”

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