Bristol Palin Eliminated: DWTS "All-Stars" Week 4


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Well-known teen abstinence spokesperson Bristol Palin, along with her professional dancer Mark Ballas, were eliminated as part the fourth week on the hit dancing-reality show Dancing With the Stars' All-Stars" season.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin, was originally from DWTS' season 11, when she was also paired with Ballas. During season 11, Palin and Ballas were not eliminated up until the finale, which also brought the reality show's viewer voting system into question.

During this fourth week of competition, Palin and Ballas were slated the dance of "Rock & Roll," which was chosen for them from week 3. The couple danced a swing-based "Rock & Roll" number (rather than hard "Rock & Roll") to "The Hop" (originally performed by Danny and The Juniors).

The dance included a lot of kicks and flicks, a lot of "Charleston"-type movies. To me, it wasn't "spot-on"; however, I do think it was one of Palin's better dances on the show.

During the show's week 4 results episode, Palin and Ballas were this week's eliminated couple; however, they were not this week's lowest-scored couple by the judges. Palin and Ballas received a 32.0 from the judging panel, when Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy received a 30.0. This shows how important viewer votes can be relating to a couple on the show.

Later on late-night show Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel jokingly apologizes to Bristol about the jokes he has made about her mother, Sarah Palin.

The Twitter has been active in posting mixed reactions to Palin's elimination from ABC's dance-reality show.