Bridget Jones: Can Author Survive Career Blight?

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Has Helen Fielding committed career suicide with her latest Bridget Jones installment? Many of her loyal fans are questioning the authors decision that Mark Darcy, Bridget's long time love and now husband, should die. So much for happily ever after!

The series has followed, and fans have become endeared to, the slow kindle of Bridget and Mr. Darcy for years. Now, the newest and third installment, called "Mad About the Boy", begins with Bridget at 52, as a widow. What??

In this latest chronicle of Bridget, she is rolling back onto the dating scene. Her interests include "Roxter", a younger man, and Daniel Cleaver, who we are already familiar with. He is sort of a "naughty uncle" to Bridget and Darcy's two children, and makes passes at their mother on a regular basis.

Bridget still has all the delightful banter and quirky personality we have grown to love, but could this be a blow that fans simply cannot forgive?

Wow. Good luck, Ms. Fielding! I hope you have a manual on damage control in your library!

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