Briana Jungwirth: Louis Tomlinson's Baby Mama Endures Taunting by His Fans, Family Considers Legal Action

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Briana Jungwirth is the mother of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson's baby boy. From the time word broke of her pregnancy, she has received taunts and threats from One Direction fans.

Now it seems those taunts and threats are increasing, and Briana Jungwirth's family is considering taking legal action. They have reportedly contacted lawyers to find out what can be done.

Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson welcomed baby boy Freddie Reign Tomlinson into their lives just over two weeks ago. A close relative of Jungwirth tells the Daily Mail everyone in her immediate family has come under fire ever since the baby was born.

"It has been an onslaught, the fans are attacking and breaking in to our social media profiles, trying to get our passwords, calling our homes at all hours of the day and night," the unnamed family member says.

"We're receiving hundreds of abusive emails and messages, people are setting up fake profiles on social media pretending to be in the family, they are even posting our personal information online, it's relentless. We have tried to ignore much of it, but recently some fans have crossed the line and we have instructed attorneys to get involved. There was one post that was extremely rude, just writing really bad things, that much we can't take. When somebody starts getting belligerent then that's when the attorneys get involved," the source adds.

Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson were never really involved in a relationship, but instead had a short (read: sexual) fling. That fling resulted in little Freddie Reign, and while the young parents aren't a couple, they plan to work together to raise their son.

How do you suppose Louis Tomlinson feels, knowing his fans are making life for the mother of his baby boy--and her family, too--so miserable?

Hopefully lawyers can get to the bottom of the harassment and put an end to the abuse, so that Briana Jungwirth can enjoy these precious early days with her baby.

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