Bret Michaels Updates Fans After Canceling Show


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On Thursday, May 29, Bret Michaels had to stop performing during the middle of a concert in Manchester, N.H., after suffering from a medical emergency.

As previously reported by Webpronews, Michaels was three songs into the show when he had to rush off of the stage. Bret is normally always on top of his sugar levels, since being diagnosed with diabetes as a child, but this night he didn't realize that his sugar levels had dropped incredibly low.

Before leaving the show, 51-year-old Michaels took to the stage one final time to apologize to his fans and then he was taken to his bus, where Michaels’ guitarist Pete Evick said he could barely speak. Despite his condition, Michaels asked Evick to apologize again to his fans.

Now, nearly a week later, Michaels is taking the time to update his fans on his condition. Michaels shared a selfie on his personal website and captioned it by saying: "Apologies for the pale white face. It’s the first day I’ve been able to fly to the kids. There is not enough thanks that I can send to the awesome fans, friends, family and medical staff for their help and well wishes. You all rock!"

Michaels also had to miss his concert on Friday at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., due to being "under strict medical direction." "Doctors have ordered him to let the flu virus run its course and let his blood sugar rebalance and remain consistent," his website said at the time.

Michaels is now feeling better, and is hoping to get back to performing soon.

Image via Wikimedia Commons