Bret Michaels Settles Suit with CBS Over Injury


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Bret Michaels, lead singer of the 80's hair metal band "Poison", has settled a lawsuit against CBS and the Tonys after a stage set piece struck him on the head. The injury, he claims, later resulted in a severe brain hemorrhage. Details surrounding the settlement were not released to the media.

According to Michaels, producers of the 2009 Tony Awards didn't tell the musician how to properly exit the stage after performing with the cast of "Rock of Ages", resulting in a fractured nose, split lip, and serious head trauma. Michaels claims that the incident caused him to suffer a subarachnoid hemorrhage, an event which almost ended his life.

CBS and the Tonys released a joint statement, claiming "The parties have reached an amicable resolution of their dispute and the case has been settled. The terms of the settlement will not be disclosed."

If watching someone take a set piece to the face is something you fancy, the video of the incident has been embedded below. Millions have already watched -- and apparently enjoyed -- Michaels' taking the blow, so why not join in the fun. Honestly, it looks pretty painful, so I can't say that I find the humor in it.