'Breaking Bad' Goes 'Mad Men' With Opening Credits


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It wasn't long ago that we showed you the Mad Men promo spoofs for the new season of South Park. It seems Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren't the only ones who see potential in the unique opening sequence.

This time producer Ben Stoddard (an independent producer, not involved with Breaking Bad) borrowed from another AMC show to give a tip of the hat to Mad Men. Check out this opening sequence to Breaking Bad.

The song "Smoke and Mirrors" by RJD2 goes perfectly with this sequence. The idea of a man falling works great with "Breaking Bad," in fact, if Mad Men hadn't done it first, I would say go with this as the real opening from here on out.

As Uproxx points out, Breaking Bad isn't the first to take from Mad Men like this. Designer Dann Mathews came up with this clever send up to the show featuring Darth Vader

All I can say is, keep 'em coming. Something about seeing all these other characters getting the "Don Draper treatment" is incredibly entertaining.