Breaking Bad Fans Pay Tribute to Walter White in Albuquerque Journal

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SPOILERS ahead...

A high school science teacher and giant Breaking Bad fan recently teamed up with a bunch of Facebook fans to give Walter Hartwell White the proper obituary that he deserves.

I mean a real obituary, in an actual newspaper.

The Albuquerque Journal, to be exact. The obit was purchased by David Layman and some fans from the Facebook group he created, the Unofficial Breaking Bad Fan Tour, and was seen on the paper's page A4.

“I’ve been a humongous ‘Breaking Bad’ fan since the beginning,” Layman told the Albuquerque Journal. “I was actually in the pilot, and putting the obit in the paper was fitting, because the series was based in Albuquerque and it provides some of us some closure.”

You're goddamn right.

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