Brazilian Foxconn Workers Threaten Strike Over Working Conditions

IT Management

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Workers in Foxconn's factory in Jundiai, Brazil are threatening to strike over poor working conditions, according to recent reports. The workers claim that Foxconn has not made adequate adjustments to its infrastructure in light of the recent hiring of over a thousand new workers.

According to Brazilian site Tech Guru (Google Translation), over 2,500 workers at the Jundiai plant are upset about working conditions. They say that buses into the factory are overcrowded, water supplies inside the factory are too limited, and the quality of the food in the cafeteria is bad.

According to the labor union, the problems are a result of Foxconn's recent hiring spree. They recently added 1,000 new workers, but made no efforts to improve the factory's infrastructure. While the union claims to be confident that the situation can be resolved without a strike, they have given the company until May 3rd to respond. On that day, the union will meet with representatives of the company to determine if conditions have been resolved to the union's satisfaction.