Brazil Olympics Prep Off To A Bad Start

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The Brazil Olympics are set to take place in Rio in 2016. While the Summer Olympics may be two years away, it's only just enough time to make sure the city is ready to host people from all over the world. The only problem is that Brazil is hosting another huge sporting event this year and those plans are already hurting its Olympics preparations.

CNN reports that the International Olympic Commission is none too pleased with Brazil's preparations for the Summer 2016 Olympics. John Coates, the International Olympics Vice President, recently visited Rio to see how preparations were going. He came back unimpressed and even said that the preparations were the "worst [he's] ever experienced." To help move things forward, the IOC says it will be sending its own people to Rio to make sure Brazil puts on a good show in 2016.

So, what's the problem in Brazil? Well, the main issue that the Olympic Committee can blame is Brazil putting priority on the World Cup happening this year. After all, it makes more sense to focus on a large sporting event happening in 2014 than a sporting event set to take place in 2016. Despite that, the IOC feels that Brazil should be putting equal if not more emphasis on the upcoming Olympics.

While it may be focused on setting up Rio for the World Cup this year, the Olympics committee in Brazil says it remains focused on delivering "excellent Games that will be delivered absolutely within the agreed timelines and budget." It notes that this is the first time the Olympics have been in South America and it can't afford to screw this one up. The eyes will be on Brazil and South America as a whole in 2016. It's the continent's chance to truly shine in the eyes of the world so the pressure is on to deliver Games that the world will admire.

Brazil is under a lot of pressure to deliver in 2016 and the International Olympic Committee says that it will be there to help them meet its goals:

“The Rio 2016 Olympic Games have great potential for being a very exciting event which leaves many legacies,” said IOC Coordination Commission Chair Nawal El Moutawakel. “But although progress is being made, each decision that is postponed and each subsequent delay will have a negative impact on delivery. Total focus and dedication are therefore required. The Olympic Movement stakeholders will continue to actively and constructively assist the organizers towards their short and long-term objectives.”

The International Olympic Committee may be concerned now, but Rio will hopefully not screw this one up. If its introductory video is any indication, Rio at least knows what it's doing:

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