Brandon Blackstock & Kelly Clarkson To Welcome Baby


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Despite cheating rumors, Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson will be staying together to welcome their first child in June.

Kelly is anxiously awaiting the birth of her baby girl, due on June 18, and just recently finished putting the final touches on her nursery.

"They are beyond excited over this baby. Kelly is just busting with joy and can't wait to hold her," a source close to the couple said. "They've got the nursery all together and now it's just a waiting game."

Clarkson revealed that she was having a baby girl back in January, two months after she predicted the baby's gender. "We just found out we're having a girl officially! I knew it! Only a girl could cause this much drama with all this vomiting ha!" she tweeted.

The rumors that Blackstock, Clarkson's husband of eight months, had cheated started circulating in December after an unidentified woman stepped forward and revealed that she and Blackstock had had an affair. She said that they hadn't gone as far as having sex, but they had been "intimate in other ways."

"We haven't slept together," the woman said at the time, "but we've been intimate in other ways. I really hope his wife keeps her eye on him because he's not the great man she thinks he is."

Kelly has tried her hardest to laugh the rumors off and enjoy the last few weeks of her pregnancy. When she first heard of the rumors, Clarkson took to Twitter to voice her annoyance that someone would make up such a lie. "Keep hearing random rumors of me & Brandon splitting or that's he's cheating on me.Stop with all the lying please #aintnobodygottimeforthat," she tweeted.

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