Brandi Glanville of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Opens Up To William Shatner About Split From Eddie Cibrian

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Brandi Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opened up to William Shatner this week, telling the former Star Trek star that she endured a prolonged grieving process after her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian cheated on her with multiple women, including his current spouse, LeAnn Rimes.

The reality star, 42, appeared on Ora TV's Brown Bag Wine Tasting with Shatner and answered some rather intimate questions concerning her marriage to Cibrian.

"He had extra girlfriends, I guess you can say," Brandi Glanville said of Cibrian's affairs. "He had some ladies on the side."

Brandi Glanville told Shatner she tried to forgive Cibrian and save their marriage despite his indiscretions, but decided enough was enough.

"I tried,” said Brandi Glanville, "but when I found out there was more than a couple, I decided I was better off on my own."

The couple divorced in 2010 after nine years of marriage.

"It's almost like a death," Brandi Glanville told Shatner. "You mourn, you die a little bit. Who you were as a wife and a mother, you're no longer that person."

The ensuing months were difficult, conceded Brandi Glanville.

"It took me about a year to figure out that it had nothing to do with me," she said of Cibrian's affairs. "But it took a while... I was wondering how I could be any better than I was. Was I not tall enough? Skinny enough? Are my boobs not big enough? Should I have blue eyes? It was all of that."

Ultimately, Brandi Glanville overcame the pain and says his has made her stronger.

"It made me a better person to go through that," Glanville reflected. "And to figure out that it had nothing to do with me."

Pam Wright