Brandi Glanville Has a Subliminal Message For Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rhimes?


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Brandi Glanville has obviously been the butt of a couple jokes in the Cibrian household.

According to Reality TV, Glanville's ex-husband famed Sunset Beach actor Eddie Cibrian and his wife LeAnn Rhimes reportedly took some verbal jabs at the reality star. But, how does the world know, exactly? Well he footage of their comedic banter was part of a leaked clip from the couple's new reality show set to air on VH1.

Although the video mysteriously vanished from the Internet on Wednesday, May 28, it was definitely uploaded long enough for the media to begin circulating news about it. The 3-minute clip captured the two reportedly mocking the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star. They were reportedly discussing a tabloid report about Cibrian and Glanville's alleged $50 million divorce and took a dig at her  in the process.

Now, she's firing back. Later that day, Glanville took to Twitter with a quick retort. "My life sounds like a reality show! 🙂 what to do…Kill the GF or the ex BF!!! Soooooo many choices," she tweeted.

Glanville's fans even began chiming in. Surprisingly, a number of fans defended Glanville, referring to Cibrian as an adulterer. Needless to say, some of the comments were quite bashing. However, others were relatively encouraging.

While it hasn't been clarified whether Glanville's vicious tweet was a response to the infamous clip, most fans naturally assume it was. Glanville definitely has an infamous reputation for taking verbal jabs at the famous couple via social media.

At one point the subliminal hits were so frequent, a number of media outlets insisted that Glanville was obsessing over Cibrian's new relationship with Rhimes. However, the leaked clip has only raised awareness and stirred anticipation for the Cibrians' new reality show. The media has already begun picking the show apart via Twitter.

When asked about the clip, VH1 specified that they had never released it.

Image via Brandi Glanville, Facebook