Brandi Glanville Felt "Bullied" On RHOBH Reunion

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Brandi Glanville thinks she was being "bullied" on the recent Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show.

The reality star, known for dishing it out something fierce, apparently can't take it in equal measure.

A source close to Brandi Glanville told People that poor Brandi Glanville feels like she took an unfair share of criticism on the show.

The source said, "Brandi really struggled. She felt bullied at the reunion."

The source added of Brandi Glanville, "She feels like everyone else in the cast can do whatever they want, but whatever she does gets criticized."

In particular, Brandi Glanville's drinking habits came under fire by the other women.

On the reunion show, when Andy Cohen asked Brandi Glanville about the accusations that she drinks too much and that she's a mean drunk, Glanville answered, "I can give you a lap dance if you want, if you're nice."

Co-star Kyle Richards then dared to bring up the photo of Brandi Glanville stone drunk and sporting a visible tampon.

Brandi Glanville fired a bullet in her direction, saying, "At least I still get my period, b----."

Later, Brandi Glanville continued on Richards, calling her a c--t and saying, "How do you live with yourself? You don't smoke pot? I hate you because you're a horrible person and a liar."

Brandi Glanville also took hits on her temper, with Andy Cohen getting in on the fun by comparing Glanville to a puppy who bites too hard when you're just playing with it.

Brandi Glanville replied, "I've taken enough abuse. I'm not taking it from you, too."

Now, Brandi Glanville is licking her wounds and considering calling it a day.

"Yes Brandi drinks and it sometimes gets her in trouble," the above-mentioned source admitted.

The source added, "She can't always hold her alcohol well. But it's not a problem. And she is sick of all the accusations."

Will all the "bullying" from the reunion show prevent Brandi Glanville from returning to RHOBH?

The source said of Brandi Glanville's future intentions, "Brandi was really upset how she was made to come across this season. She doesn't know if she wants to go through it all again."

What do you think about how Brandi Glanville came across on the show?

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