Brady Morton Still Missing After Port Huron Float Down

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A 19-year-old Michigan man named Brady Morton is still missing after the Port Huron Float Down.

The event took place on Sunday and the man was reported missing that same evening.

Crews have been searching for the man since his disappearance and are even using sonar to search an area of the river from roughly North Boulevard in Port Huron to Chrysler Beach in Marysville.

The Float Down is an annual event that draws in thousands of people.

Participants float down the river on homemade rafts, tubes and inflatables and often party before, during and afterwards.

Morton had attended the event with a group of friends, but they weren't sure if or when he actually went into the water. Boats, helicopters and divers have all been searching for the man. The Coast Guard has also been pulling along the river bottom but has not turned up a body or any of the man's personal belongings.

The police have asked all mariners in the area to keep an eye out for the man and to notify the Coast Guard of any sightings. They have also asked anyone with a boat to help out with the search if possible.

Police said that many of the floaters jump from one raft to another and can decide to stop floating at any point along the river. They are not sure if the man is in danger or if he just got separated from his group and decided to get out of the river without letting them know.

"There were two people missing, but one came in and we are still looking for one of them," Port Huron Police Corp. Jason Barna said. "He was with another group but people generally go from one raft and climb up on another."

The police said that other than the two missing persons, the event went well and there were very few citations issued during the Port Huron Float Down. They are hoping Brady Morton will be found safe and alive.

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