Brad Pitt Says Angelina Jolie Is A "Badass"


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Brad Pitt hasn't spoken publicly on Angelina Jolie's decision to get a double mastectomy since she revealed that she underwent the procedure last month. At the red carpet premier for World War Z, the actor finally told the press what he thought about it.

When asked by reporters what he thought about the surgery, Pitt said that he was proud of her and that she was "just a badass." He also said that her going through with the surgery is a huge relief for him and their family:

"[Her support is] the same thing it means every time she comes to support me, but this time we don't have that other thing hanging over us that we knew we'd have to deal with at some point - her specifically, physically. It's a huge relief to know, that's the thing that's not going to take her. [Cancer] is not the thing I'm going to have to explain to the kids about why they can't see mom again. It's big, it's everything."

You may recall that Jolie publicly unveiled the double mastectomy in a New York Times op-ed last month. She revealed that her body housed a gene that was a precursor to breast cancer. She encouraged other women to get tested for the gene so they could beat breast cancer before it ever appears.

As for Jolie herself, she didn't spend much time talking about it. She said it was "Brad's night" and just told reporters that she "felt wonderful."

[h/t: US Weekly]